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See yourself on the Mirror playing bingo

Very often, when you play online bingo or think about joining a site – you aren’t sure who runs it – and it may be a brand you’ve never heard of. This is a problem for legitimate registered bingo brands with completely bona-fide offers and good general credentials etc. But it’s also completely understandable when some players are somewhat diffident about joining a new site they haven’t previously heard of.

At the same time, the fact that the supply side of online casinos, bingo, slots games and other similar sites is such a competitive one, means that we players can profit well from trying out different sites, taking full advantage of the free offers available.

And these seem to be most lucrative for newly registering players (though it should also be pointed out that the best sites also reward player loyalty with various bonus games, jackpots and free games etc.). So we really want to try out new sites – and a lot of them!

So it’s refreshing when a known and trusted brand enters the marketplace. If you click here and decide to join Mirror Bingo, you should be able to get £40 to play after depositing just £10 of your own money – so £30 free of charge to try the games out. The worst that can happen is that you lose a tenner but hopefully, you’ll have had a bit of fun along the way and maybe even meet some new people online.

There’s a community forum with community games and chat-based games, and fun angles to traditional bingo games. So, for example, with the anagrams bingo game, the Mirror’s Chat Moderator will say what an anagram theme is, then give the anagram. The first player to then say "Anagram" with the correct guess, after five-second countdown wins whatever bingo bonus was promised before the game started.

This is just one example in which the new site really puts extra fun and a sense of community into its games. There are many others such as the “Survey” game whereby the Chat Moderator asks players to guess the most-given response to a real survey question. In this game, to get the bongo bonus win you have to say "Survey" followed by your answer after the five second countdown. It’s a bit little bit like the old TV show “Family Fortunes”.

Anyway, for £40 for £10 – and a lot of bingo fun - it’s got to be worth a glance in the Mirror at least?