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Three reasons to play online bingo

Millions of people play online bingo every day and the number of players just keeps on growing. So what is it about the game that has been played in one form or another for centuries that makes it so popular.

It's cheap

Playing bingo has never been an expensive pastime but now with online bingo, it's even cheaper to play. Many of the main bingo sites now offer regular free games (with real cash prizes) as a reward to their loyal players and as an incentive to get more people to join the site. Even if you don't play the free games, paid-for games start out as low as 5p or 10p a card, so it's not a great investment for the fun you get out of the game.

It's fun

There's nothing taxing about playing a game of bingo. You don't have to devise a cunning strategy or learn complicated rules to play. All you do is choose your card – or cards – and hope that the numbers on the cards will match those called out during the game of bingo. If you're first to mark off all your numbers, you win – it's as simple as that. And you don't even have to pay attention to the number calls, as the software marks the numbers on your cards for you!

It's sociali

As you don't need to expend any energy on playing the game of bingo, it leaves you free to chat to other players in the chat rooms on the bingo sites. You can watch the progress of the game at the same time, and share in the excitement of the game as it nears a conclusion with other players. If you win, you have lots of people to celebrate with, and if one of them wins you can send them a congratulatory message too. There's always a great atmosphere in the chat rooms as everyone is there for the same reason – to have a gossip and a laugh while enjoying a game of bingo!