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What and Where to Play Team Bingo

What and Where to Play Team Bingo ArticleMany online bingo players have heard about Team Bingo, but they have never tried it or even know for sure what it is. The important first step is you must be playing on a site they honors Team Bingo in some of its games. Two new sites that just went for the concept are the very well known Gala Bingo and Jackpot Joy Bingo. When well known bigger sites accept an idea that is gaining traction, then players should take notice of the change in the sites that added the feature.

These two sites that added Team Bingo have approach it differently in the way they pay the Team players. Gala pays each team member 50p each if one of the players on the team wins. In Jackpot Joy they pay better and each game that offers a prize for team play, the prize is paid to the player with the winning card and the same amount is split between the team members. At JPJ the team is set up among the players at the game. At Gala the team members are set by the players for their team. This way of playing bingo is not about the small amounts that the team might win, but about the camaraderie that team players enjoy from the synergy of the play. The Team concept is all about having fun and not about making a large amount of money.

The site will pick the games that are offered for team play and other games revert to regular play. The teams are registered before the game and the parlor knows who the team players are before the game. At Gala the teams are friends or family or whatever. At JPJ the team is made up on the spot from the players in the game.

What and Where to Play Team Bingo ArticleSites that have been offering Team play for some time have a steady group of Teams that make a point of being available for the chosen games. The joy of being with friends playing a game that they love makes this a special experience for them or they would quit doing the Team play. If the Team wins then that is a victory that is really the icing on the cake. It makes the game even more special, but the Team players will tell you that it was not necessary for them to have a good time. The win just added to the feeling of joy of playing together.

Team Bingo is like any other team game that people play together. There is something that happens when one of the members is close to a bingo. The intensity is far greater than when playing by their self.

The sites are smart and use this to keep players coming back to play with their friends. The Chat Rooms are similar in this and have the same effect. It was a solid business decision by the bingo halls to take advantage of friends liking to play together since it helps to keep players returning to the site. The bingo sites online are doing everything they can to attract players and the competition is fierce between these Internet entities. Adding something that players seem to like makes sense and the history of online bingo is filled with these kinds of changes and decisions.

Use the search engines to find other sites that offer Team play. In fact a player can search just about any facet of bingo sites and this is just one of them that can be discovered. Once the player knows the sites that offer the program, the other site criteria should be brought into play.