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Winning Strategy at Bingo

Bingo StrategyJoseph E Granville is the name of a stock market guru which had its glory days between the late 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s. Thanks to its influence on the markets and he told the big players when to buy or sell. The suggestions given by him were solid and at the same time he also had the tendency to control the market over the short period of time. In order to make the sell or buy suggestions, Joseph used some mathematic formulas. This background was also used in order to give out suggestions about what is the best bingo strategy that a player could use. Thanks to the fact that he is a serious mathematician his bingo strategies turned out to be good. He is also known for having a great ability in order to analyze any complex mathematical situations and to take action.

The analysis of bingo done by him represents an excellent exercise that has a look at the static situation that involves the odds of having any of the 75 balls called after they are drawn randomly. Everything starts by having a look at what number groups will be most likely to be called during the first 10 balls extraction, this might be logical but it’s not going to be 100% accurate. The analysis is all about the statistical probability and this should not be considered a method that is going to help you win. The basic idea behind this strategy is to help you pick up those bingo cards that have the best balance of numbers, so that the probability to have them called during the bingo game is going to be higher. Thanks to the fact that the numbers at a bingo game are called randomly the stats made by Granville start from 1 to 75 is going to be correct. While there is the possibility for aberrations to appear, over a large number of games, statistically your chances of winning will increase.

Bingo StrategyThe very first theory of play created is that the first numbers have a tendency to end up in a different number at least in the first 10 bingo balls. He discovered this idea by looking at thousands of bingo games. Another thing is that the odd and even numbers are going to get even out as they are called. This means that by taking into consideration these basic rules, you will get a higher chance of picking up the right cards that will prove to be winning ones. Another interesting discovery made by Granville is that most bingo games are going to end right after only 10 to 12 numbers have been called. And at the same time up to 60% of the numbers that have been called have the last digit different.

Since there is no possibility for an online bingo player to choose his bingo cards, he cannot gain a statistical advantage while playing online. What an online player could do is to play a lower number of bingo cards each game and not go for a high number hoping that this is going to give them a better chance to win. Another result of the study is that the numbers called will average out around the number 38. There are still a small number of players that knows this. However this cannot be applied to the online bingo games, when you are getting your cards.

Bingo StrategyThis theory of bingo became popular thanks to the fact that Granville wrote a book about bingo back in the ‘70s. His studies regarding the bingo cards are excellent especially for those bingo players that choose to play the game in a land based facility. One of the main problems however is that you cannot put many of these ideas in practice at the online bingo sites, since you are not given the chance to choose your own bingo cards. Under these circumstances all a bingo player can do is to hope that he will get assigned bingo cards that take into consideration the principles given out by Granville. However it’s going to be an interesting test that you can make, by taking 5 different bingo cards and see for yourself if the ideas presented here can be taken into consideration even at an online bingo site.

The random number theory is a proven fact and it’s definitely a good piece of advice, but it doesn’t apply to the online bingo sites, since you cannot pick your own bingo cards. What you could do is to buy 5 cards and in case you see that it does not comply with the ideas and principles set out by Granville, buy another pack of 5 bingo cards. This way you can get the chance to improve your odds even when you are playing bingo over the internet. You should start to test out these principles with the bingo cards that have the lowest price, and in case you manage to get this strategy to work, and improve your odds of winning, you can move on to some bingo games that have more significant prizes. The ideas presented by Granville are very interesting and they might prove to help you get an advantage over the other players. And at the same time there are still only very few people that know about all this and go through all the trouble of trying out.