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You're better off with online bingo

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Given the traditional image of a bingo player most people don't tend to think of them as being the kind of people who get into trouble with the law.

Traditionally bingo has been a game played in big groups, and it was always as much about meeting up with friends at the local community centre or bingo hall to enjoy each other's company as it was about winning. Playing for the possibility of winning just added a frisson of excitement to the event.

And the same is very true of online bingo; many of the players who regularly play online aren't there just because of the amazing jackpots that could be won, they're there to socialise with other players in the bingo chat rooms on the bingo websites.

If your interest is chat first, bingo second, then you should make sure to take advantage of the bingo bonuses that are now available on many of the sites. And if you don't want to actually put any cash into a bingo account to play, you can click here for bingo without deposits. This is a relatively new feature to bingo sites to encourage more players to join.

No deposit bonuses mean that a player can join in games on the site without putting in any of their own money. It's something that the British holidaymakers recently arrested in sunny Portugal should consider trying if they want to play bingo without getting into trouble!

A group of thirty people were recently arrested by undercover police in a bar in Albufeira, Portugal for playing a game of bingo where the prizes were not cash, but boxes of biscuits and chocolates The licensee of the Yorkshire Tavern wrongly assumed that she was not flouting the strict Portuguese gambling laws and had not applied for a licence as the prizes were only foodstuffs.

However, the 12 policemen who raided the pub saw it differently and even three of those people present in the bar who were not playing were prosecuted for 'observing a crime'. They received a three month suspended sentence and had to pay a $150 fine just for being there. The landlady Ms Pittaway received a €700 fine and a four month suspended prison sentence.

Ms Pittaway has said she will never hold another bingo game in her bar, which could mean that her regulars decide to switch to playing online bingo instead! And why not? They'll get just as much of the fun of playing in a group as players can chat online as the balls are called out, and they don't even need to pay to play as there are so many free bingo games running on many sites' schedules.

Online bingo has always been more convenient than going to a real game, and for those arrested in Portugal it will have even more appeal now! Not only would they be safe from arrest, but the prizes in online bingo are far more tempting than a box of biscuits!